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Sarah + Sami's Tandy Hills Engagement Session - Fort Worth, Texas

Usually when I start writing up a blog post, I recollect things a couple said during their session or our intitial meeting that stood out to me. It may be about how they met, something special they have planned for their wedding, or even just a sweet moment they have shared that really captures the foundation of their love story. With Sarah and Sami, I have iterated the same thing over and over any time I talk about them, post about them, or even think about them really. I always say, "They are so sweet!"

When I keep saying these two are the sweetest, I truly mean it. And, I have evidence of just how true it really is. We were maybe 20 minutes into our session, when Brooke strolled over to chat with us. Brooke is a 16-year-old who happens to have Down Syndrome. She had been watching us from afar, and all she wanted was to meet the three of us. Not only did Sarah and Sami not mind a bit in pausing their session to talk to her, but they had to have shared at least five hugs with her -- and not to mention, it was at least 95 degrees outside. Brooke became obsessed with them (and I can't say I blame her!). She kept an eye on them the entire time she was near us! On her way out, she made sure to stop for just one more hug... which turned into a couple more that Sarah and Sami gladly accepted.

Sarah and Sami were so kind to a stranger. It may have only been a few minutes to them, but to Brooke, it was likely the highlight of her day. Watching them show their heart and love for one another, as well as others, was such a testament to the love they have to give. I cannot wait to see the outpouring of love at their wedding in November at The Gardenia Venue. I have no doubt that their family and friends are just as incredible as they are, and I am so excited to share a part in their day!

Sarah and Sami -- thank you from the bottom of my heart! Thank you for allowing me to know you, to capture your love, and for being so sweet! You are going to have the most beautiful wedding, and I truly cannot wait!!


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