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Katelyn + Ethan's Western Oklahoma Engagement Session

When I found out Katelyn and Ethan were dating, it was actually at my own wedding. Ethan was one of my closest friends growing up, and also my first cousin. I knew Katelyn, but not well. When they said Ethan had to go pick up "that girl" to bring to my wedding, I had no idea it was actually Katelyn! For months, we jokingly referred to her as "that girl." Awhile later, Katelyn moved to Leedey, and that is when we knew things must be serious! It takes someone pretty special to move to the middle of no where, Oklahoma, where the wind blows like crazy, and 80% of the people you meet are related to one another.

A few months ago when we found out Ethan was ready to propose, we were so excited. Ethan went to our Grandpa and asked if he could use our Grandma's ring to ask Katelyn to marry him. It was a pretty unanimous decision that Katelyn was one of the only people my family would want wearing Grandma's ring. This spring, at what was "supposed" to be cookout for Ethan's birthday, Ethan got down on one knee (with the help of his nephew -- check him out at the end of the blog) and popped the question surrounded by family! I am still so sad that I wasn't there to be apart of it! To make their story even more special, they plan to get married on November 5, 2022, just one day after what would have been our grandparent's 58th wedding anniversary. Although our grandma has been gone three and a half years now, I know she would be so proud of Ethan for choosing Katelyn, and she would be honored for her ring to go to someone so special!

Katelyn and Ethan, I am so grateful to have a small hand in your journey to being married, and I am so excited to add Katelyn to our family. Ethan could not have picked a better girl to be his wife! I hope you love the photos as much as I love them and y'all!!


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