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Hope and Drew's Texas Ranch Engagement

I should have known how this engagement session would turn out when Drew threw it out there that he was almost an Abercrombie model! Haha. While he does claim he was an Abercrombie model for a day, there is no doubt that Hope is the star of the show here. Not only is she beautiful on the outside, but she is even more beautiful on the inside. She glows with joy, happiness, and sweetness! On top of being all those things, she was just accepted into nursing school, so she's smart, too! Don't get me wrong, Drew is GREAT, but he really outdid himself when he landed Hope!

These two have known each other for several years, but it wasn't until Hope made the first move that they realized they were meant to be together. They dated a couple years, and when Drew proposed during family photos, Hope was surprised to say the least, but it was an instant YES! Now, the wedding planning has started, and I am so so excited to be a part of their big day at Dove Creek Ranch next June to see their vision come to life. I have no doubt it will be so much fun, and the love these two share will shine bright!

Hope and Drew, thank you so much for making the drive out to the ranch, trusting me with the biggest moments of your life, and trekking through piles of stickers to get the perfect shots! I love you two already, and I can't wait for the best day of your lives! Y'all are the greatest!


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