Get to know me!

If there is a personality type B+, that's me! Having a solid plan and a schedule, but adapting along the way and taking things as they come is where I thrive!

In my next life, I am coming back as Shania Twain.

Nostalgic is my middle name. If I could relive my favorite moments a thousand times over, I would. Looking at old pictures and videos is a nightly routine for me.

My husband, little boy, and dogs are the best thing in my life! I would jump through hoops to live a hundred more years with them. 

If you can tell me about "the most dramatic season yet," I think we will probably get along!

I could live off of sweets. The fastest way to my heart is through a cupcake. This might be a small part of why I became a wedding photographer!

Because... balance, I love working out! Being in the gym never fails to put me in a good mood. 

Ireland is my favorite place on earth, but Texas is a close second.